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possible to block youtube under web appliance and allow embedded url only

Hello Everyone,


I have created additional policy to block domain user to access Then I have created local site list to allow link (for ex: 

When I tested I am getting blocked error message to above mention link. I want user to have access to youtube only for specific link as we have website and having few youtube video on it. I just wanted user to have access for those videos and block everything from youtube. 


Is there a way I could achieve this??






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  • Do you have HTTPS decryption enabled? There's no way this kind of URL-specific allow policy can work without HTTPS decryption, because with non-decrypted HTTPS traffic the Appliance can only see the hostname/domain part of the URL and doesn't get to see the path.

    With HTTPS decryption enabled, it may work better if you use two Additional policies - one that blocks youtube generally, and one that allows the tagged URLs in the Local Site List. The 'Allow' policy would need to go higher in the Additional Policies list than the block policy.