Forum Situation and lack of official Sophos attendence during beta

There's not been alot of Sophos Employee / Dev "love" on this Forum. Questions and Bugs are up for 1-2 weeks until there is any reply or none at all. Things like "ipv6 prefix delegeation" do not get any official reply at all wether or not this is on the "todo list".  Initially at beta start this seemed better.

If sophos expects us users to test their beta software and to spend our free time to find bugs and use this crappy Forum, the least i expect is some response to -all- our questions and bug remarks even if it is just a "we know and plan on a later fix"

I escalated 2 bugs early last year through our partner and according to them they did not get any response from sophos either.

When the community moved from to i at least hoped that sophos involvement would be better.