TLS 1.0

It was my understanding that the betas would include fixes to move both the UTM and RED devices to TLS 1.1 .  We are having huge issues with PCI compliance due to the TLS 1.0 currently in place.  After testing of beta 1 and 2, port 4444 appears to have been patched, however the RED listening port still shows TLS 1.0.  Anyone know more about this?

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  • Holger - Thank you for the info.

    How about the TLS for the web interface?  Beta 1 appeared to resolve some of the issue, but after beta2, they are all failing again for port 4444. 

    What is the timeline for a beta of 9.4?  We are getting lots of slack from our customers, and support / sales both refuse to give ANY details of when we can expect something.  It would be really nice to know if this is a 30 day issue or a 6 month issue.

    Thank you!