UTM 9.6 GA (9.600) Released

Hi Everyone,

Today we've started to release UTM 9.600. The release will be rolled out in phases.

  • In phase 1 you can download the update package from our FTP server.

  • In phase 2 we will make it available via our Up2Date servers in several stages.

  • In phase 3 we will make it available via our Up2Date servers to all remaining installations.

For further information and changes between 9.5 MR8 to 9.6 GA, see: https://community.sophos.com/products/unified-threat-management/b/utm-blog/posts/utm-up2date-9-600-released


Up2Date Information (9.580 -> 9.600)


  • NUTM-10414 [Network] Segfault in oculusd

  • NUTM-10384 [RED] Update hostapd for Unified-FW

  • NUTM-10185 [WAF] Using printenv SSI directive in custom theme causes segfault

  • NUTM-10332 [WAF] Let's Encrypt not working over IPv6

  • NUTM-10365 [Wireless] RED15w: SSID isn't broadcasted when "Enterprise Authentication" is in use


Up2Date package from 9.6 Beta2 (9.580) to 9.6 GA (9.600) u2d-sys-9.580007-600005.tgz.gpg MD5SUM: b28ed88ecc7dd0a99e745079b7d151e0