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Welcome to the UTM 9.6 Beta

Hi UTM Community!

Welcome to the UTM 9.6 Beta. We are excited to announce the availability of our next UTM beta and look forward to your feedback on this release!

What's new in UTM 9.6?

  • Let's Encrypt Integration

    • Generate and renew Let's Encyrpt certificates from within UTM
    • Generated certificates can be used in all UTM components
  • WAF Page Customization

    • Custom themes for all error pages that are delivered by WAF
    • Allows to provide corporate identity on all pages
  • Manual Sandstorm Submission

    • Allows an admin to upload a file for detonation within Sophos Sandstorm
    • Files that have not been received via email or web download can also be analyzed with Sophos Sandstorm
  • Persistent Sandstorm Reports

    • Reporting for Sandstorm Activity over time and with historic information
    • Reporting also covering hash lookup based results from Sophos Sandstorm
  • More Enhancements

    • Unified RED Firmware with better 3g/4g Support
    • Submission Port Support in SMTP Proxy
    • Configurable Listen Address in SMTP Proxy
    • New Advanced Thread Protection Library with better performance and protection

Issues Resolved

  • NUTM-10130 [Access & Identity] Unable to connect RDP type bookmark with NLA

  • NUTM-7418 [Access & Identity] SAA - Rename Client Auth CA

  • NUTM-9843 [Access & Identity] HTML5 VPN portal connections periodically stop working until service is restarted

  • NUTM-10080 [Basesystem] Update to latest Avira SAVAPI version

  • NUTM-9681 [Email] cssd coredumps and root partition is filling up

  • NUTM-9716 [Email] S/MIME encryption - automatic certificate extraction causing high load / no webadmin access

  • NUTM-9733 [Email] Change default encryption algorithm to 'smime'

  • NUTM-9853 [Email] Fix policy traversal (for gpg, smime, unscanable)

  • NUTM-9882 [Email] Umlauts in mail addresses get corrupted if SPX encryption is used

  • NUTM-2791 [Network] Fix detection of sub applications in Application Control

  • NUTM-4767 [Network] SSH for single host skipping AFC check

  • NUTM-9462 [Network] Update to BIND 9.11 ESV

  • NUTM-9026 [RED] TP-LINK MA260 dongle on RED doesn't work anymore after update to v9.5

  • NUTM-10066 [WAF] Existing certificate chain overrides after new certificate chain has been added

  • NUTM-9809 [WAF] Potential memory allocation failure for "Rewrite HTML" + location with special characters

Known Issues

  • Web filtering may be delayed until the download of the new web filter categorization DB is completed (~300MB) 
  • NUTM-10227 [RED] Offline provisioning does not work
  • NUTM-10188 [WebAdmin] OTP - QR code not visible for the first user login


 Up2Date package from current 9.510 to 9.6 Beta1 (9.570) u2d-sys-9.510005-570020.tgz.gpg MD5SUM: 996d6a1c44c0a676e73e7b0410ba708f 
Appliance ISO ssi-9.570-20.1.iso  MD5SUM: 407bc061f9a967d0f74396662d6c89ce
Software ISO asg-9.50-20.1.iso MD5SUM: 5362bfcc48c5f6288d536ca26b122f86


You can use the license below for the beta phase: UTM-9.6-Beta-License


Happy Beta Testing and looking forward to your feedback!