Will the UTM continue to function after EOL?

Which features will still be available after the UTM EOL? Can it still be used but with no more updates, or will the license expire and make the modules not active?

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  • I, too, would like to know. It's a shame that good hardware, SG210 in my case, would have to be trashed as e-waste. If possible, I would love to use the hardware in a lab environment. I wouldn't need to use many of the additional features like network, email, web, webserver, and wireless protection, sandstorm, and endpoint antivirus. So long as I can route data, I'd be happy.

    Would there be a license that we can apply which would disable those features, along with disabling the Up2Date functionality? Or conversely, enable all features with the specific understanding that the device is for non-production-environment use since it would be susceptible to future attacks because the patterns will not be updated?


    Thank you for your question. I, or one of my colleagues, will get back to you with further details as soon as possible.

    We will also add this question to the FAQs, so that it's easier for other users to find in the future.

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