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Display errors when publishing a WordPress site using UTM.

A post  from many years ago is very similar to the issue I am having, but following the thread suggestions didn't fix my issue.

The site has been developed for a local Mini (Automotive) Group.
For comparison I have created two ways to access the site, one via UTM and a second using NGINX reverse proxy.

UTM -->> (output formatting fails)
NGINX -->> (output formatting as designed)

Viewing the two sites you can see that the UTM link is missing a lot of formatting.   I have reviewed the information I can find on this forum but have been unable to overcome the issue.  Any help with solving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Wordpress is version 5.6.2 with the JupiterX Theme (1.20.0 core) running on Ubuntu 20.04.

As I am also a HAM radio operation I and hosting a copy of javAPRSSrvr locally. I have published the associated status web site through the WAP and all appears to be working correctly on this site (custom java code, no Apache server, custom port).  This site can be viewed -->>

Post from many years ago, which didn't solve my issues.

Any help with solving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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