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SG-330 High Availability

Hi All:

I have a SG-330 running latest firmware 9.601-5. I have a second SG-330, new in box. I am looking at implementing HA (failover, not active-active).

First, are there any downsides of doing HA? Or would I be better to leave the spare in the box (guessing not, but...).

Should I fire up the spare HA, not connected to anything first? To burn in?

To do HA, do I just connect the second box interaces into the network? (I have five interfaces connected, one of which is a trunk going to a Cisco switch doing VLANs,) Then connect the eth3 HA interface  between the boxes, and fire up the spare box? Is it that simple?

The spare box hasn't had any updates done to it - is that a part of the HA process? Or should it be updated first?

How long does the process take? Minutes? Hours?

Any best practices or rulz to follow?

Thanks !

John S.

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