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WAN PPPOE Interface link status is up but link is down.


We have Sophos UTM SG210 and we encounter an issue with our PPPOE WAN Interface after the ISP disconnected us. When the connection came back, our PPPOE IP address have been changed. When we checked the configuration in the CLI, the original IP address is configured in the interface. But, on the WEBUI, it's the new IP address, which is changing because of the PPPOE configuration. The ISP said they already reverted back to the original IP address on their side, but it is not reflecting on our eth0 interface, which is the WAN interface. We already rebooted the modem as the ISP suggested, but still the same issue. Now, most of our servers have no connection because of NAT and other configuration rules. It is weird that on the CLI, the original IP address is configured but not reflecting on the WEBUI.

Is someone here have any idea? Do we need to disable and enable again the interface in the WEBUI in order for the network to reflect?

Hoping that someone can answer and help us.

Thank you.


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