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Setting up second wan connection.

I live in a remote area in broadband terms.  The service we now enjoy is beamed from the next hill and acceptable but we have no fall back connection.  I do however have an ADSL copper connection which is available from a different ISP. This has a much lower bandwidth but would be available as a fallback option should the wireless link fail.  Is there a wiki which would get me started with setting this up please.  I am using an SG135 UTM. 

I searched for a guide but didn't find what I needed.

Grateful for any pointers please.


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  • Hi Bob and many thanks for your patience. 

    I now have a dedicated Vlan with its own subnet and DNS and DHCP enabled on the UTM.  With a rule set allowing WAN connection and through trunk connection and a vlan access port on the switch I can see the world!  This checked out with a dhcp connection from my laptop and I can access the WAN from it.  OK.

    I have now plugged the router lan into the switch.  I know the router IP and it has DHCP enabled.  I am not aware of any firewall settings in the router. OK

    What I still need a bit of help with now is the rules for enabling this connection on the UTM please.  Having set the NIC port as an  access port for the vlan my understanding is that the there is nothing more for me to do on the switch because all the rest is done on the UTM but as I type I have no idea if the connection is working or any traffic being shared.   

  • My problem is with the Multipath Rules and Uplink Balancing.

    I tried to set up the multipath rules as any -> any -> any -> undefined.  I am OK with persistence by source/destination but I am stuck with undefined.  

    I have set up the subnet for a new connection on the UTM which has dns and dhcp services but my other router also has it's own dhcp server and subnet for the ISP.  When I tried to make this work I had an unexpected prompt for a login from the UTM (I was already logged in) and my ISP email service was blocked.  I know I have made a mistake and sure enough on the UTM  dashboard the port was flagged with an error.  Further guidance would be appreciated please.

  • Hi  Bob,

    So I have multipath rule set up now as any->any->any->Uplink interfaces and two interfaces set up on Uplink Balancing with the Active interfaces as External (WAN) and the interface I created using vlan.  My problem is that when I enable this configuration I get an error message on the new interface I get a prompt that a login is required but no clue which or where as when I select the UTM comes up with an error and to cap it all I have no internet or email.

    I know I have been slow but hope you haven't given up on me as I am stuck. 

  • I am attaching screenshots of the settings I have set up for multipath rules and uplink balancing and the pop up messages I received when I tried to use browser and email after enabling these settings.

    I have had to disable them to be able to send these screenshots.  I have zipped the screenshots and am trying to send them here as a compressed file hich I hope you will be able to open.  Please let me know if you need these shots in a different format.


  • Hello,
    are you using webfiltering? Do you have setup an outgoing interface there?

    Mit freundlichem Gruß, best regards from Germany,

    Philipp Rusch

    New Vision GmbH, Germany
    Sophos Silver-Partner

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  • Hi Philipp,

    Many thanks for your kind reply.  Many thanks for the use of English as my German is non existent but I do listen to a great deal of Bach.. 

    It seems I do have some web filtering set up.  I am not aware of this but may have been set up by original supplier, long since departed.  Two networks are shown on the Allowed Networks tab.  Neither involving my planned uplink balancing. 

    Should I just add the two interfaces or is there more configuration required.

  • Hello,

    again: you do not have defined an outgoing interface there?

    Mit freundlichem Gruß, best regards from Germany,

    Philipp Rusch

    New Vision GmbH, Germany
    Sophos Silver-Partner

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  • Hi Philipp,  Thanks for pointing this out to me but as I stated above I have no idea how this has been set up or when.  What is worse is that I have no idea if I need Web Filtering or on which interfaces.   What function do these serve?

    Why for example are Admin and Internal allowed and how are they defined.  I shall now look further into the machine but if there are any guidance notes please advise.

    Many thanks again,


  • Hi Philipp,

    The Optional Interface you have highlighted is not visible on my device.

    I turned the Web Filtering off and the Uplink balancing still does not work.

    Is there a step by step guide on how to do this please?

  • Hi Alastair,

    In Web Filtering you can configure different Profiles so that traffic for different groups or internal LANs can be handled differently.  In order for WebAdmin to show the 'Optional interface for outgoing traffic' as suggested by Philipp, you must run the following command as root at the command line:

         cc set http enable_out_interface 1

    Cheers - Bob

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