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How do I setup QoS for voice traffic on a UTM9?

Need help with setting up/enabling QoS for the voice traffic through a UTM 9 firewall. 

We have a leased 100/100 INET with now has both data and voice traffic going through, but I don't know how to prioritise the voice traffic, its coming from an onsite pbx with a voip card it which ends up going down SIP trucks. I know the IP of the phone system and the dsp card, so I am guessing I need to either throttle down the LAN traffic or allow the voice traffic more bandwidth? 

I haven't ever needed to setup this kind of thing up before. 

I do currently have a newer XGS136 that I need to eventually setup to replace the UTM 9, but currently that is just serving the wifi traffic (which does also go down the same INET, so I will probably need to throttle that as well (people like to abuse the wifi here, which is probably part of the problem) 

But it would be good to know how to do the QoS side properly. 


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