Voucher in Sophos Central with own Layout

Hello, Our WLAN administration was moved to the cloud (Sophos Central) after switching from the XG135 firewall to the XGS136. In the XG135 we were able to upload a PDF as a template for voucher generation. This PDF contained various keywords, where, for example, the password or the term were replaced and the structure was in our CI with our logo. When generating vouchers, they were then created in our layout.

Voucher generation now takes place in Sophos Central under My Products / Wireless / SSIDs / Advanced Setting / Captive portal. There is actually a selection menu for a template (I have Default and Custom here), but I haven't found anywhere where I can store a template.

This question has already been asked in a similar form here:


However, the question wasn't really answered. Is that no longer possible in Central?

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