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Large amount of 'unreachable' alerts several WAPs - then they work fine

This is our first go around using Sophos Central to manage a mix of APX120 and APX320X. We wanted the consistency of using one wireless controller since the APX320X can't be managed by a Sophos Firewall. The firewall is a Sophos XGS 136.

Several times a day we receive "The gateway IP of access point "" ( was unreachable since 1 minute(s)", then it self-heals. Several APs report this. This is a flat network. We brought in a new firewall (replacing SonicWALL and Ubiquiti) a couple of weeks ago. This is causing problems with TStats registering/unregistering and another LoB app.

I am close to getting out of SC and bringing the internal WAPs back into the XGS. 

an example:

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