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What to expect for Sophos Home XG users from Sophos Wireless (Wifi 6 etc)

Hi - I am a long term Sophos Home XG user, who has been very happy using Sophos access points: AP30, AP100C and APX120, all managed from the firewall, which I find very convenient, as they integrate nicely. However, the Wifi 6 products are not being offered with firewall management. As I am managing only one location I have no need (and a preference not to need) any offsite control for onsite devices, so I have not tried any of the remote management options.

Should I infer that I will not be able to continue beyond Wifi 5 with my current approach, or will the Wifi 6 or 7 products eventually be manageable from the Home XG?

I suppose I am asking for some guidance about the direction of travel for Sophos support of this odd free software + 2nd hand hardware arrangement that I am very grateful to have been able to use. Is the intention to force all management onto the cloud? And will that come at a cost? I have no expectations of this being important to Sophos as it generates little revenue, but it lets me (and others) plan!

I know there is a "local management" option on the Wifi 6 devices, but once the close integration is broken, one may as well be using third party hardware, which is often better e.g. Wifi 6 for less cost that Sophos Wifi 5 - i think the integration is worth the hardware downgrade!


     Paul McGinnie

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