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Hey there.  I've configured the DNS EAP (super cool) and have deployed a site.  Things have been running for a few hours now and and I can see in the dashboard there is over 15K queries that the have been serviced. I also have Policy Blocks as well which I want to drill into.  However, the announcement page of the DNS EAP shows that on the dashboard there should be additional graphs and tables that show the details of what's been processed - however, I do not have this, I just have the dashboard Usage Summary and nothing else.  is this coming soon or have I done something wrong.

  • I'm very glad to hear it's working well for you. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback.

    The dashboard charts are intended to be a high-level overview showing key data. The screenshots on the announcement page show the two charts that should be visible on your Central DNS Protection dashboard - "Web Gateway Traffic" which shows a timeline of query volumes, and "Top Domains" which gives high-level counts and lists the top 7 visited domains for each policy result - allowed, security blocked and policy blocked. 

    We are building an interactive report feature that will allow you to look at the DNS Activity data and generate reports with varying degrees of granularity. This will allow you to dig deeper into the data behind the headlines on the Dashboard.

    Unfortunately this was not ready for inclusion in the initial EAP rollout, but we are planning a 'Refresh' release in around 3 weeks time (mid-December) that will include Reports, as well as a feature to enforce Safe Search for a range of search engines.

  • I do not see those two additional graphs, i'll give it a day before raising this up.

    Also, the announcement mentions datalake and assisting those with MDR services.  When will this information hydrate the datalake?  

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