It's time for another update to the EAP version of Sophos DNS Protection. We're rolling it out this week.

A lot of the changes in this release are under the hood - improvements allowing our 24/7 operations team to better monitor the running of the services as usage continues to grow.

We have also fixed a number of front and back-end issues, several of which were reported our Early Access Program members. It's not too late to join the EAP and try out this new Sophos product for yourself - start by registering here.

In the meantime, here's a summary of the latest changes.

Reporting enhancements

This release introduces a couple of missing capabilities from the DNS Protection reporting features. You can now save report templates, and export reports as PDF, HTML or CSV files. You can also schedule saved report templates to run regularly and send report output as attachments or links in email.

We have also filled in a few data fields that weren't displaying properly when selected in report templates. These include location and policy name - so if you have configured multiple locations within your DNS Protection account, you can now use these fields to view a breakdown of where DNS activity is originating from.

Note: To allow these fields to be included in logs and reports, you will need to open each policy in the Central UI and click 'Save'. Also, for any locations that are not included in a policy, you will need to open the location definition and click 'Save'. This action will trigger the reporting system to pick up the information. This is a one-time action, and is not required for anyone joining the EAP after this update.

Editing policy

A common piece of feedback from EAP participants was that the policy UI could be a lot clearer. Using drop-downs to choose between 'Allow' and 'Block' options make policy creation fairly simple, but when viewing an existing policy, they don't make it easy to quickly scan a list of categories and see what's blocked and what's allowed.

In response to this we have updated the policy page to use radio buttons. The general feedback so far has been that they are just as easy to use when changing policy, and because the resulting columns are easy to visually scan, it makes reviewing policy settings much clearer.

Issues addressed

  • NSWAAS-2771 - Custom Domain List created with long domain URL is not showing the complete domain name properly.
  • NSWAAS-2450 - On some pages, tool tips that display on hover do not disappear as expected

[Updated on 21 February 2024: Included information about how to make Location and Policy names appear correctly in reporting]

[Updated on 29 February 2024: Updated registration link]