Please fix Kb/Mb versus KB/MB

SFOS uses Mb and MB inconsistently. In several graphs, MB (Megabytes) is used when Mb (Megabits) is meant. In Live Sources Mb is used where MB is meant. Please make this consistent.

Also, in the Control Center, the Active Firewall Rules graph, when you roll over the graph you get numbers with no units (I believe they are firewall rule firings, but it could be packets or something), and no date/time.

This would be tedious, but very straightforward to fix. It's a major hit to confidence of the correctness of a network device when basic concepts are incorrect like this.

  • This has been requested more than 5 years now, and in my opinion should not be so difficult, if variables are used in the code, but who knows! I d o not think it is going to happen soo. If you think that you cannot setup download/upload speed on WAN...

  • And to be honest, I think it would literally just take one person running a constant stream through in the lab and going to every single web page and check KB versus Kb and also look at any graphs where rollovers don't reflect both X and Y axis.

    Then a UI person would have to make corrections. But no actual router code would need to change, or even be understood: this is a labeling/relabeling exercise in the GUI. At least that's my first impression.