Azure AD SSO not working with multiple servers


has anyone tried adding multiple Azure AD SSO servers to XG?

I have added two authentication servers, but only one can be configured under Administrator Authentication services.

Test connection button works on both.

When choosing a UPN for login that only resides in the non-working Azure AD, it returns the error that it cannot find the user in the application.

The application ID returned is the one of the working Azure AD, however.

Considering the fact that at the moment there is no option to configure domains inside the authentication servers for Azure AD, am I right in assuming multiple Azure AD SSO servers will not work? Why is it possible to configure multiple servers, then? Will this work later down the road?

Also, you are unable to delete Azure AD SSO servers. The following error will be returned: "Authentication server could not be deleted"

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  • Hi Cougz, thanks for trying out Azure AD feature , please find my comments

    1. Yes, only one Azure AD can be configured at a time under "Administrator authentication methods", though admin can create multiple Servers. As of now.
    2. Test connection works because both Azure AD have valid client application.
    3. UPN behaviour reported is expected, as the server on which that particular user is part of is not added under Authentication methods.
    4. Allowing to create multiple Azure AD is futuristic, but current version only allows to select only one under "Administrator authentication methods"
    5. Admin can't delete the Azure AD server if it's used under Authentication methods.

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