RED Tunnel - Stopped working on EA 19.5

Hello Sophos Team,

the RED Tunnel stopped working after I upgraded and restarted to EA 19.5 on the XGS 126.

License seemed OK - XStream Protection Bundle

On Network -> Interfaces -> RED-Link was Green

On the RED Settings all was Green and OK

SD-WAN Rules and Profiles were Green, and some Traffic passed thru.

As soon as I tried DNS Resolution it did not Route the Traffic - Since I needed the RED-Tunnel, I reverted to 19.0 Build 365 and the RED Tunnel worked OK. It has an issue with 19.5 EA and felt to report it. 

If more information is needed, I volunteer to go back to 19.5 EA and let Sophos look over that issue. So that on the release version it does not become an issue for everyone.