Linked NAT rules odd behaviour (my opinion)

Hi folks,

I have linked NAT rules to all my firewall rules.

I created a firewall rule with a linked NAT that was to provide 2 devices internet access, except I forgot to add the required ports for the second device.

Further down the firewall rule list is another firewall rule with a linked NAT that allows the network for the devices above plus the extra ports.

Now the firewall report shows the device going out through one firewall rule but two NAT rules. Now this seems odd to me and sort of defeats the purpose of having linked NAT rules.

Now having seen this in the logviewer reminds me of another firewall rule with a linked NAT that passed traffic but the same firewall rule referred to NAT 0 which I have disabled.

LAN to LAN firewall rules do not use a NAT yet the logveiwer shows it using NAT 0, I would like to suggest that if there is no associated NAT rule the report should should show NULL or something similar.

Finally nothing should be passed by NAT 0 because even when active it is a block rule.

Please explain to me gently where my logic is wrong?


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