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Will v18 work with an Internet connection that is a Private IP that has Public IPs routed to it?

Hi All,

I am hoping you can help.

I have a customer who has got a new Internet Connection;

 1. this is initially configured as VLAN 101 and then a Private IP provisioned for its' initial connection (a 172.21.x.y/30),

 2. then I configure an alias for this interface (the correct Public IP).

 3. to allow communication to the internet I can then configure a NAT address, and assign these to the outgoing rules.

this is all good, the problem I have having is that I am unable to correctly register the License or connect it to Sophos Central so it can be managed from the Customer Current Central Account.

I am currently working with Support and have an open support ticket, I have even tried to use the rules for system initiated traffic to get it registered with Sophos Central, unfortunately nothing has worked yet, I am hoping one of you may have a great idea

(please note I have registered it by connecting it via another interface to an ADSL connection they had, that is now unavailable).

I am not convinced about loading Beta (or test) software onto a production XG box (just yet), although I have loaded it on my own personal box at home (and like what I see so far).

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