BUG - SSL/TLS Inspection seems to break Honeywell smart devices

I've noticed this behavior with both EAP 2 and now EAP 3. When SSL/TLS inspection is enabled Honeywell smart thermostats cannot connect to the internet. The only way they can connect is buy going the SSL/TLS inspection rules, SSL/TLS Inspection settings, advanced settings, and completely disabling the inspection (disable only when troubleshooting).

None of the default SSL/TLS inspection rules are configured to decrypt data.

Logs noticed in the webfilter when the issue is occurring is below.

2019-12-18 17:51:19Web filtermessageid="16002" log_type="Content Filtering" log_component="HTTP" log_subtype="Denied" status="" fw_rule_id="10" user="" user_group="" web_policy_id="13" web_policy="" category="" category_type="Acceptable" url="" content_type="" override_token="" response_code="" src_ip="x.x.x.x-internal IP" dst_ip="" protocol="TCP" src_port="57393" dst_port="443" bytes_sent="0" bytes_received="0" domain="" exception="" activity_name="" reason="HTTP parsing error encountered." user_agent="" status_code="403" transaction_id="" referer="" download_file_name="" download_file_type="" upload_file_name="" upload_file_type="" con_id="0" app_name="" app_is_cloud="0" override_name="" override_authorizer="" used_quota="0"

  • Hi,

    you should be able to add an exception on the web page. If it breaks why have it go through a SSL/TLS enabled rule and cause yourself unnecessary device management grief?

    Some of my IoT devices are showing up a secure connection error, then when tried a second time connect. This has only started in the last 30 minutes or so, the EAP 3 was installed about 4 hours ago.


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  • Thats my confusion though. I only have the two default SSL/TLS inspection rules and they're both configured to "Do Not Encrypt". Why would I have to create an exception for something that shouldn't be decrypting anyway?

    The error log I posted earlier is in the Web Filter log and for HTTP traffic, yet that event only occurs when The advanced settings of SS/TLS inspection settings is set to enabled even though the SSL/TLS rules are all configured as "Do Not Encrypt". When I completely disable the SSL/TLS inspection settings Advanced setting to "Disabled" everything works normally.

  • reason="HTTP parsing error encountered." 

    I don't recall seeing that error before.

    It is possible to do a packet dump?


    Another possibility, can you go into console (this is the special command line, not ssh) and do

    set http_proxy relay_invalid_http_traffic on

    Let me know if that makes a difference.  If it does not, please turn it off again.


    Note: I am off until Jan 2.

  • Hi Michael,

    have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you for your  ongoing forum support.


    XG115W - v20 GA - Home

    XG on VM 8 - v20 GA

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