Sophos Firewall: SSL VPN File Special Characters Gets Replaced By Encoded Values Resulting To An Error When Uploading to OpenVPN on Android

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This Recommended Read would provide a walkthrough regarding the workaround for SSL VPN (OpenVPN on Android) when a username has a special character and is then replaced by an encoded value on SFOS v20. The team is now aware of the issue, and this is being internally tracked under NC-130692.


A user has a username containing a special character @ ( e.g.  - rap@ on the example below)

Then download the OVPN file on and Android Device via VPN Portal 


Notice the file name changed the @ to %40 

Then, when you try to upload the file to the OpenVPN App on Android, you’ll face an error.


We edit the file name to the equivalent of the encoded value to special character, in this case we change the %40 to @ sign 


Upload the edited file again to the OpenVPN app on Android and then the Profile should be uploaded correctly without error

On Android OpenVPN App (Successfully Connected)

On Sophos Firewall: 

Additional Information:

- The issue is being internally tracked under NC-130692

- ETA for the fix should be on v20.0MR1 and v21.0

- For more information on how to use OpenVPN on Android you may refer to this KBA:


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