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NTLMv1 and SMBv1 still required for AD SSO on XGS6500 with 19.5.4 SFOS ?


We use SSO AD Authentication (Windows Server 2022) for web clients in standard proxy mode and it works.

As far as I know, for the XGS to join the AD, NTLM and SMB are required to works.

Now we're in the process of hardening our AD and want to disable NTLM, or at least NTLMv1, as far as possible and SMBv1.

So my questions are:

1. By disabling NTLMv1 and SMBv1 at AD level, will we face any issue for current working authentication and/or in the joining-process if we have to do it again at some point?

2. Do this impact the captive portal authentication too?

Thank you for reading.

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