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Firewall not working until after two reboots


The purpose of this post is to ask about possible root causes to why our XGS 2300 firewall broke and then was fixed by two reboots.

To a certain extent, we know what initiated the issue. The night before we upgraded all the firmware on our switches. However, the issue persisted to the morning where the issue was only resolved after a reboot of the firewall twice. The first reboot, the HA secondary firewall took over and things were working briefly, however, the primary did not start working until the second reboot. After both reboots everything went back to normal.

The symptoms could be described as all traffic to the internet so slow that it was essentially not working at all, even though it was still technically working at an unusable pace.

There was no high hardware utilization at all during that window of downtime either. Also, unfortunately due to the reboot and the fact it has been too long ago, I don't believe there are any other logs or reports available.

Essentially, I need to come up with some sort of explanation as to why the switch upgrades would require a firewall update to bring things back to standard operation.

Thanks in advance for any insight!

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