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NAT Rule appears not to be going through VPN


Any advice would be appreciated for the following please.

We have a number of devices that have been configured to communicate with an internal server by IP address.  This server is now being migrated to the cloud on a unique subnet.  We are not in a position to be able to go to each device and reconfigure on the day of cutover so I need a NAT rule that will capture the traffic that is destined for the old server and send it down the VPN tunnel to the new IP address.  

Is this doable?  The NAT rule I've created appears to try and send the traffic out via the WAN and bypassing the VPN.  The hosts are not seeing any traffic from my end.

Do I need something more complex than a standard NAT rule?  Hardware is XGS 4300

The VPN is working and I can communicate with the servers when not trying to NAT.

Many thanks

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