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Reset button XGS 126 does nothing

I have an XGS 126W. It has been sitting in a closet since end of 2022. At that time it had all the updates installed, not exactly sure what version. 

Now what it's out of the closet (no pun intended), I can't connect to it. No matter what port I connect the computer, it do not get an IP.

I like to push buttons so I went for the factory reset button. Holding the reset button for 10 sec or more, than releasing it, does nothing. (I also tried the alternate method for the XGS 87, XGS 107). Any idea how to reset it?

I then used the micro USB to USB cable and connected the PC to the COM port on the front of the appliance, but I cannot find it in PuTTY, 

Not sure what else to try. Thanks,

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