Two Questions regarding SFOS (MFA and Synchronized user ID OS support)

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two more questions regarding SFOS.

1.) For the MFA via OTP Token, is it possible to cache the second Factor for a certain time, so that is hasn´t to be entered any time a user logs into Userportal/VPN?

2.) It is mentioned in the link below, that Synchronized User ID only works with up to Windows 10. Is that correct, or is Win11 also supported?  Sophos Firewall: Authentication Methods 


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  • By using mechanism like ZTNA, you can skip most likely the entire MFA Part. 
    ZTNA does not use the MFA of a firewall, instead of Azure AD, which works in a different way (with Cookies etc.).

    If you are concerned about MFA and user experience, you could look into ZTNA as well. 


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