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I need help, I can't get it.
I want to block the entire internet, except the Google Map page, to a single user.
I enabled STAS but I couldn't assign a rule to the user.
Thank you.

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  • Hi Yosi,

    If you have created a firewall rule, can you share the configuration you created with us?

    You can also try these steps to configure whitelisting:

    1. Create a category for the Google Maps: go to PROTECT>Web>Categories> then click Add

    2. Create the policy: go to PROTECT>Web>Policies> then click Add Policy

    Ensure this is only applied to the specific STAS user, then add the Google Maps category configured in step 1. The action should be allowed and the status should be ON

    3. Create a DNS rule (this is to ensure that the domain will be resolved first before applying the policy)

    4. Create the whitelisting firewall rule (ensure that this rule is below the DNS rule; ensure the destination network is * 

    Hope this helps. 


    Not work for me.

    I make copy but not work, the user can arrieved to all web site.

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