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Live users disappears in few minutes- STAS


I have problem using WMI as logoff detection method on STAS and most of live users disconnect after few minutes from logging to any device 

I use STAS on DC and Additional DC and I opened all needed ports for DCs and users devices through group policy and it was working like charm from about 3 years till two weeks ago , the ADC working properly with no problems , but the DC on the other hand not working properly with STAS and all live users complaining 

kindly note DC and ADC in different sites but the same policies applied to both of them

tried to troubleshoot the problem and opened a ticket with SOPHOS support and they didn't find out the problem and told me as ping logoff detection working properly (and it is working good but I don't like it) your problem in system

what I noticed that WMI  verification on ADC working good , on the other side it's giving "access is denied on DC" (attached photos)

please help me finding out where is the problem

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  • sorry for being late in reply , But I tried the documentation in link with no success I followed SOPHOS documentation and it was working for about 2 years with no problem but now WMI query only working on DC2 and not working on DC1 , I think the clue is in finding why STAS troubleshooting giving access is denied in WMI verification