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Sophos Firewall - WAF EoL?

I have noticed, that recently the WAF & E-Mail Features are disappeared in the Firewall Sizing Calculator.

So my customer thought to buy a Sophos Firewall, but we are not sure, if the WAF is near EoL, like the E-Mail Module where Sophos forces you to use Central E-Mail.

Does anyone know about?

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  • Both features are not EoL, they are simply out of the bundle of the licensing module. 

    So you can use both features if you want. The business case is simply decreasing of both modules. 

    Email because Sophos is focusing on a one product strategy (Central Email, which is far superior compared to other products). 

    WAF is loosing ground quickly due the lack of use cases in the field: Customers primarily used WAF for securing the Exchange on Prem, which is loosing ground. And Internal Web Servers can be protected with ZTNA as well, if you look into this product as well. 

    WAF vs ZTNA is another story. WAF was primarily build to protect your resource against "people you do not know" - For example a Webshop and people are going to do a SQLi on your webserver. If you want to protect a resource and make it accessible for "people you know", ZTNA is way more efficient for this use case. It scales better and is more granular. 


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