Firewall in MTA mode not sending out mails - chapter 2


Regarding this:

Firewall in MTA mode not sending out mails - Discussions - Sophos Firewall - Sophos Community

It's still as issue! - Running SFOS 19.5

Running "perl 15 1" (I could see in the SMTP logs that it used rule 15 - that rule is my deafault drop rule - it happened out of the blue.

Any news on that matter?

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  • I deleted it a long time ago.

    Today I switched SMTP between transparent and MTA, it recreated the rule as ID 1 and at the top, but did not fix the firewall-id in the SMTP, maybe that should be implemented?

    It was kinda hard to fix, not knowing why emails got blocked, with the SMTP rule in place :-)


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