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ROS Sophos


I'm new with this equipments, i'm trying to configure VLANS between two equipments (SOPHOS -» Switch)


- WAN - DHCP from ISP router



1.10 - VLAN 10 - - PORT 1 - ZONE LAN

1.20 - VLAN 20 - - PORT 1 - ZONE LAN

Have DHCP configured for the physical port and each vlan.

The firewall is configured to allow any traffic for ZONE LAN

On the switch side:

Configured port 8 (connected to sophos PORT1) as trunk tagged

port 1 as vlan 10 untagged

port 2 as vlan 20 untagged

I cant get DHCP on the switchports 1 and 2 but if i configure manually ip address on the computers NIC i can ping the vlan respective vlan gateway (ex: and have access the internet.

I'm missing any configuration as i'm using router on a stick?

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