SD-WAN and Normal Firewall Rules

XG86 Firewall v19.0MR1
TLDR: When i enable SD-Wan for a certain zone to use differente Gateway all other rules on that zone is ignored

I have 2 Zone and 2 Wan.
First LAN zone use ISP1 and ISP2 as a backup
For the Second Zone i need ISP2 default and ISP1 as backup...
On v17 this work perfectly
On v18 and v19 work because transformerd my old rule automatically on "migrated rule on sdwan tab"
The problem begin when i deleted this "migrated sdwan rule" and recreated normal one.

Maybe i dont understand something maybe not... but in this way the WAN work but all the rules for the second Zone is completely ignored
One rule permit Zone2 to reach an IP in Zone1... disabled the new SD-WAN rule and this work :/

Some help??

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  • I checked now another client with the similar configuration, same Model and Firmware, and in that installation all work correctly.
    Only difference i think is the other one dont have migrated rule and have v18 from start (i'm not super sure tough)

    The SD-Wan rule work as exptected but all traffic go to WAN, i dont know why (in log i see packets for 192.168.0.x LAN using "go to wan" rule instead of blocking as the default rule of the firewall for traffic from this Zone to Lan Zone)