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Block VPN Exntesion/Add-on On Chrome, Opera browser

dear all,

I asked this question 9 months ago but unfortunately, still I have no solution for it although I have installed the Security Appliance SSL CA on the end user's machineI've Sophos XG Home that block all Entertainment Web Browser. Problem is users use VPN add-on on Browser such as Hoxx VPN, Touch VPN, Ultrasurf,... so user still can access to Entertaintment site like "".

I add application rule that lock all VPN, Proxy. But still can't lock VPN Add-on.



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  • Dear Bharat, 

    thank you very much for you time to make a remote session and thank you for your patience to solve my problem.

    Best Regards


  • We have checked and found traffic was passing from firewall rule id 11 where Service was set to "ANY" we  have allowed particular protocol as guided on  shared link and the proxy VPN application was getting blocked



    Further, in case an issue with any other application stopped working like anydesk,we have to allow the ports on which anydesk or any other applications works 

    Thanks and Regards

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