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Escape the Vouchers entry

i hope that i can find some one can help me.
I  working Sophos XGS2100 (SFOS 19.0.1 MR-1-Build365) with Sophos Access points.

the system works good but as a new customer and user in Sophos Wold i need a help.

in some rooms we have Cast connected to old  Beamers(which hasn't WiFi function), those Cast devices should be connected to the Guest WiFi.

our Guest WiFi is already configured that the connect throw it with using Voucher, the Voucher code is unable to entry.

is there any way or method or rule to make a list of MAC address allowed to be connected to Guest network without Voucher?

my try:

1- i have created a list of MAC addresses which include the devices which i want the to be connected with internet throw the Guest WLAN

2- i have added the list to the allowed hosts/network  in Walled garden but no change.

3- i have created a rule which allows the MAC-list to be connected directly with the following settings :

Action: Accept

Source zones : Guest notwork
Source networks and devices: Mac-list(which i have created)
Destination zones: WAN
Destination networks:any
but still no change.
Could you please Help me?

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