Missing communication between STAS Agents and STAS Collector

I wanted to share my observations regarding communication problems between STAS Agents and Collector.

We have three domain controllers, one primary and two backup. I installed the nevest STAS application on each of them. One of them was launched in STAS Collector mode, and the other two in STAS Agent mode. During the tests, it turned out that the server could not communicate with one of the Agents.

In the documentation, I found information that communication with the Agent requires a free UDP port 50001. It turned out that the dns server was launched on the server with that agent, which took several thousand udp ports starting from 49152. When I  changed the ephemeral port range to 50100-65536 with the command "netsh int ipv4 set dynamicport udp start = 50100 num = 15435" then the communication immediately started working correctly.

Conclusion: udp/50001 is not a good choice to communication with STAS agents and should be moved below udp/49152.

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