Important note about SSL VPN compatibility for 20.0 MR1 with EoL SFOS versions and UTM9 OS. Learn more in the release notes.

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Configuration gone after upgrage SFOS 19.0.0 to 19.0.1

Hello everybody,

yesterday I updated two Firewalls (XGS 126 and XG 125) from Version 19.0.0 to 19.0.1. After the upgrade both Firewalls has SFOS 19.0.1 firmware installed but lost their configuration. The problem was both firewalls are on remote site and lost all external connections (Sophos Central und VPN), so I can't reach the firewalls. Today we connect on site via serial console to the Firewalls, and I saw that Firmware 19.0.1 was installed, but (at minimum) the network configuration was gone. I made some tests:

- Booting the 19.0.0 Firmware the Firewall runs as expected. 

- Booting the 19.0.1 Firmware via Bootloader or via WebAdmin Firewall has no configuration.

On the other hand, I made the upgrade on serval firewalls without any problem (2x XG 125, 1x XGS 5500 HA, a Virtual and a Software Firewall). 

How can I remove the 19.0.1 Firmware from the non-working firewalls to get a 2nd try to upload the firmware again and install the 19.0.1?



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  • Thank you all for reporting this issue. 

    We have confirmed this is a bug, and we'll fix it in an upcoming new build for v19.0 MR1.

    This issue affects devices which has 'set vpn conn-remove-on-failover non-tcp' executed on the backend prior to the upgrade to MR1. Unfortunately the migration to MR1 does not handle this case properly, and would fall back to factory default settings. 

    If you cannot wait for the new MR1 build, and need to upgrade to MR1 right away, you can: 

    Log into Advanced shell in the CLI

    Execute psql -U nobody -d corporate -Atc "DELETE FROM tblclientservices WHERE servicekey = 'vpn_flush_conn_failover'

    Upgrade to MR1 as normal through UI

    After upgrading to MR1, you do not need to re-run 'set vpn conn-remove-on-failover non-tcp' as this parameter is already set to non-tcp by default in MR1. 

  • Hi!
    I tried to update my Sophos XG to SFOS 19.0.1 MR-1-Build365 and still config error. Is tere a plan to release proper update in near future?



  • V19.0 MR1 build 365 resolves the issue described above, and we have had no further report of migration issues. 

    can you describe the error/issue you’re seeing? What version are you upgrading from? 

  • Hello,

    I have partial the same issue. I came fron the latest 18.5 version and after the upgrade only the first two interfaces (from 4) came up. After I connected to the first interface with the standard Ip I saw that the other 2 ports are not anymore configured and it is disabled. Also the rules are gone.

    If you need more Information, ask me.

    Regards Kay-Uwe

  • What was the version of v18.5 you upgraded from? Did you upgrade directly to v19.0 MR1 build 365? Did all configuration disappear from your system (i.e. it got factory reset)? 

    Is there a support case open for this, if so what's the ID? 

  • It was the 18.5.4 Mr4 418. The config gone except the login data and the Rule Group.

    There is no support case opened, because it is the "home" version.

  • What version did you upgrade to? 


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