SFOS 19.0.0 GA-Build317 : Log Viewer behavior


I have server with SFOS v19, I am confused about log viewer. I think that it always show only logs in 10 minutes window.

I tried to change time filter (all records ,last 4 hours, 60 minutes, etc.) but it doesn't work . 

I can only view firewall logs for last 10 minutes, what If I want to view firewall module logs three days or month ago, is this possible ?

or I can view them from another place like reports tab.

can anyone explain the limits of log viewer.

thanks a lot

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  • So the current behavior of Logviewer shows you the recent Logs. You can scroll down and this will show you more until the logviewer will rotate. 

    There was a bug in the old EAP version, which broke this behavior. This means, there was only a specific time frame. But it should be fixed. 

    If you go to a rarely used module, are you sure about the data contained? 


  • A new build does not restore logs from a backup,


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