Sophos XG Firewalls Printer Delay or Not Printing at all

We have serval offices (Well over 30 locations) that experience printing issues when going through our Sophos XG (115/125) Firewalls. 

When printing, the printer can take up to 5 to 30 minutes before it will print. If we remove the Sophos Devices, printing returns to normal, less then a second to print.

We noticed It mostly effect the Epson TM- Receipt printers on Port 9100 but other printers are reported to experience problems from time to time.

The communication for which the print job is received can very, it's not specific to the media, such as standard ethernet, VPN, MPLS.

Firmware is up to date and all advance features is turned off. Doing a packet captures show the print job hitting the correct firewall rules with not type of inspection or

filtering turned on. If we bypass or even replace the firewall with an ASA, Sonic Wall, FortiGate then the issues no longer happens.

Any advise ??? Thanks, Keith 

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