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hbomax app blocked

Firewall (Sophos XG Home) SFVH (SFOS 18.5.1 MR-1-Build326) 

I cannot get HBOmax app to launch on any of my Roku devices.  Roku TV,  Roku Ultra, Roku stick.   I am able to launch the HBOmax app on my android tv (although I've had other odd issues on it, ie Spanish instead of English).  I've recently discovered that my 2 amazon firesticks have no issue and launch and play HBOmax just fine.  

The error I receive using Roku's is:   HBO Max Application Error   Oops...there was a problem.  Sorry for the inconvenience!  Here's what happened:  *lost connection to the server * Error Code: 104

I've check the Current Activities > Live Connections  and I've notice SSL traffic (increases by 30k each time I try to launch the app).   I've contacted Roku and Hbomax and neither have been able to help me resolve the issue.   I believe it's something being blocked in the firewall.   

Anyone have any insight or suggestions for me?  TIA


I added additional findings (ie Firestick have no problem & android plays with other issues (Spanish instead of English on some shows).
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