Inter VLAN Communication is not working


I am using Sophos XG115 as the firewall and i do have a layer 3 switch (Unifi 8 port POE 60W switch)  which leverages VLANS created & tagged at XG115. 

Users in different VLANs want to connect to devices (e.g. Network Printer and Network Attached Storage device [TerraMaster]) located in another VLAN. 

i have created a firewall rule which enables the communication between VLANS. I have also created DHCP records for each VLANs at XG115. 

I am able to PING to the gateway addresses of each VLAN. Unfortunately, the trace route keeps on failing at the gateway address of LAN network port at XG11 5when trying to reach to devices in different VLANs. 

Can someone help me in steps on what we should be adding or enabling to allow users in different VLANs to access the NAS and Printer?

Please note that users are on stand-alone Windows 10 devices. There is no active directory or LDAP integrations (i mean there is no Windows server). 

Below is a diagram of the network. An early response is highly appreciated. 

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  • with regard to common error - yes i have checked those. Also to make troubleshooting easy, i am using a PC on the VLAN 4 so I can try tracert, ping, and other network troubleshooting commands from both ends to whether it is only dropped at one end or both. 

  • ok,

    - you are able to access the internet from all VLAN's (or at least the two that should communicate one with the other)

    - do you see this traffic within logviewer/firewall? ... enabe logging for all rules for testing.

    - try to access the NAS within other VLAN (not with HTTP ... this may be handled different) ... do you see allowed or blocked packets within logviewer?

    - try to ping NAS & Printer ... something within logviewer?

    - please show us the VLAN's behind Port1


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  • caption of VLANs has been attached. 

    Yes i am able to access Internet from all VLANs, there is no issue. I was using these VLANs and users were accessing Internet from May 2021. 

    When do a ping or tracert to NAS via 2 different VLANs they dont get logged in the logviewer. 

    Accessing of the NAS is not web based (not HTTP). I use the \\NASipaddress\ to access it. 

    PING to the NAS IP address fails. 

    Hope the above helps to clear some doubts at your end

  • Can you ping the nas from its network?

    V18.5.x - e3-1225v5 6gb ram with 4 ports - 20w. 
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  • Yes I can PING the NAS from the VLAN where it is located. Then i can PING and TRACER the gateway IP of the VLAN where NAS is located from any other VLANs. But the PING or TRACERT to the NAS from other VLANs fails.

  • So what happens when you try to access other devices on the NAS VLAN?


    V18.5.x - e3-1225v5 6gb ram with 4 ports - 20w. 
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  • The other device on this VLAN is the printer. It is using TCP/IP port configuration, hence printing can be done without any issues.  

  • Okay, what is the nas using, sounds like it has a firewall enabled blocking incoming traffic on specific ports?


    V18.5.x - e3-1225v5 6gb ram with 4 ports - 20w. 
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