Migration configuration from XG 18.0.5 18.0.5 MR-5-Build586 to XGS 18.5 EAP1-Build236

We have received our new XGS 126.

And we would like to migrate the configuration from our XG 125 Rev.3

Unfortunately it is not possible to upload the backup from the XG 125 to the XGS 126 because the new one comes with 18.5.0 and for the old one there is no 18.5.0 available yet.

Any idea how to avoid reconfiguring everything from scratch on the new one?

And no... it is not possible to downgrade the XGS 126 to 18.0.5 :-)

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  • Can you go down to MR4 on the XG Hardware and get the backup? You will loose the configuration done between MR4 and MR5. 

    The release date for V18.5 MR1 is still a little time to go, so if you want to use the hardware now, it would be the best to go down to MR4 and get the backup. 


  • It worked.

    After downgrading the XG 125 to SFOS 18.0.4 MR4 and making a backup I was able to import this backup into the XGS 126 on SFOS 18.5 Release 289

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