18.0.5_MR5-586: HA (A-P) no access to primary node after QuickHA


I installed two boxes with 18.0.5_MR5-586 and Initiated after License Sync (only the primary one) Quick HA on both nodes.

After some while, the HA Mode is enabled.

But after that I lost access to the primary Node. This Node is no more pingable. The Aux-Node is Up & running.

What's going on there?

How can I enable access to the primary node?


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  • Assuming you are using a virtual setup, do you have MAC Spoofing disabled? Because XG will load virtual MACs and those are likely to be blocked by the virtual switch. 

    You can check the configuration "Use physical Interfaces instead" within the HA Mode, after setting up the Cluster. 


  • Hello,

    thank you for your reply. Through last night I verified my issue multiple times with different virtual Guests (vSphere 6.5 in my Datacenter and  Virtual Box on my Home Lab). Each time I got the same result.

    All is fine until I initiate the HA mode.After initiating, I loose the acces to the primary node.

    My steps (Active Passive Mode):

    prepare 2 VM's with 3 different NIC's (LAN, WAN, HA)

    * Run through the ISO Setup (Node1 and Node2)

    * Assign unique LAN IP Addresses

    * for Node1 assign WAN connectivity

    * Enter Trial (30 Days) Serial for Node 1 and Pull Licence for Node1

    * Initiate QuickHA on both Nodes

    * After some time ...

    * Access to primary lost (no pingable, no SSH, no HTTPS), access to auxillary is possible, but no rights to configure some Rules and so on.


  • If you enable QuickHA, simply activate the checkbox on the same page after the quickHA was enable. 

    This should resolve your issue.

    You can access the Aux, because Aux in HA will use the physical MACs.