Export full configuration failure


Sophos XG210.
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Before executing a firmware install we would like to take an export of the full configuration from the GUI


When attempting to export full configuration next message appears persistently.


- First of all, is there any way to get rid of this error message and successfully download the TAR file containing the full configuration?

- Is there any way of performing this tasks by CLI?

- What is the difference with the local backup & restore functionality?

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    Thanks for reaching out to the Community!

    If you're trying to copy the current configuration before the firmware update, make a configuration backup and download it locally. Check out the following document for more info: 

    I would not use the import/export feature for full configuration export. I would only use it for partial configuration export and use it to make offline changes to the exported XML file and then import it. 

    But if you want to troubleshoot the issue, collect applog and csc logs in debugging. 



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