XG550 Rev 1 - Rev 2 differences


This is my first post. Apologies if it has been asked I have tried to look but cannot see any document.

Can anyone confirm what the Key difference is between the XG550 Rev 1 and Rev 2. are ?

Customer has Rev1 and has asked this.

Hope you can assist me.



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  • The Partner Portal should have a list of the changes, made between REV1 and REV2. 

    In general, the Flexi port modules are not compatible. There are certain changes like new case. You cannot build a HA between REV1 and REV2. 


  • Thanks for this.

    I will take a look further. I have the specs of each one now so will compare. Was hoping there was an product announcement showing what's the big changes are without having to do comparison.



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