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How to use VLAN Interfaces in XG


until now I used XG as virtual machines.

so adding a new VLAN was to add an network interface at VMware/Hyper-V, set a VLAN tag on VMware/Hyper-V and use a new interface.

In appliance there are limitations because of the physical interfaces within the XG.

So I understood, that you add a VLAN Interface on the corresponding physical interface (IP of the physical interface is needed but not used), configure a VLAN tag on the switch/router and the rest of the network and go ahead. but no success.

Also described here:


Config is like this:

XG 210 Port 5: IP (must be configured but is not used - is this right?).

VLAN Interface on Port 5: I:, VLAN 34

VLAN Tag set on Switch and all other devices.


Any ideas?

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  • Most likely you can also go with a DHCP Interface on the Physical port. Like Port5 DHCP ON. So this IP will stay "dead". 

    Then you go with a VLAN Interface on the Port5.

    This should work fine, if everything is in place. 

    You can verify it via tcpdump. 

    Start with a 'ifconfig'

    You should see Port5 and Port5.34 

    If you start to perform a 'tcpdump -ni Port5' you should see all traffic (VLAN included). 

    And with 'tcpdump -ni Port5.34' should show you the "plain traffic". 


  • Better late than no answer from myself. Thank you!