Hi XG Community!

We've released Sophos Firewall Manager SFM 17.1 MR5. Initially, the firmware will be available by manual download from the Licensing Portal. We will gradually release the firmware via auto-update to customers.

This MR is solely to allow limited support for XG v18 MR3 firmware. Please note that v18 support in SFM is very limited, and most SFM features are not supported. Please migrate to Sophos Central to fully group manage firewalls running v18 firmware. 

Updates Included

  • NCCC-10106, NCCC-10125 [SFM] Support for XG v18 MR3 compatibility
  • We have SFM 17.1.5 MR5 running, and 19 XG devices ( a mix of 105/106/115/230 and 330), all devices with SFOS18.01 least.

    Now, I have few queries with regard to SFM:

    1. Do we need to migrate to Sophos Central ?

    2. What about the SFM License, would this be used in Sophos Central?

  • Hi Ajay, yes, you'll need to move to SFM at some point. Given you're using v18, you'll get an immediate improvement in capabilities in v18. As for licensing, Central does not require a license for firewall management, so no license transfer is needed.

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