Hi Community! We have released RED firmware pattern update version 3.0.006. The firmware is immediately available for download and update.

Maintenance Release


  • NRF-498 [Firmware] Provide Debug logging to Memory Sticks on SD-RED devices
  • NRF-431 [RED] SD-RED60 Issue, tunnel up but no traffic is passing through
  • NRF-486 [RED] 3G/4G module not working on RED20 (Verizon)

SFOS Firmware Version:

This release is available to SFOS firewalls running the following firmware versions:

  • SFOS v18.5 GA and newer
  • SFOS v18.0 MR5 and newer
  • SFOS v17.5 MR16 and newer

Install Instructions

  • On Sophos Firewall web UI, navigate to Backup & Firmware > Pattern Updates.
  • If RED Firmware version is older than this release, click Update Pattern Now
  • When ready to deploy new firmware to connected SD-RED devices, click Install
  • RED devices will be rebooted during firmware installation process
    • NRF-431 [RED] SD-RED60 Issue, tunnel up but no traffic is passing through

    We have been suffering from this problem extremely for 2 months, the sites have shown this problem up to 20x daily and could not work.... specialists were called in, costs were generated, tickets were escalated to Sophos via our partner... and what does Sophos? Your device is faulty, we replace it.... 3x RMA!
    No one at Sophos could tell us what the real problem is - useless support!

  • Could you please reply back if this resolves this issue? Thanks!

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