Introducing Central Firewall Reporting Advanced
Earlier this year, Sophos launched Central Firewall Reporting (CFR) as our new cloud-based reporting platform.

Central Firewall Reporting provides you valuable insight on what’s happening on your network, and enables you to be more efficient, enhance productivity, and protect against future attacks. CFR is available at no cost on XG Firewalls running v18 and newer.

The free version of CFR allows you to create historical reports for the past seven days with plenty of customization options.


Introducing CFR Advanced

Sophos has launched a new paid version of Central Firewall Reporting: CFR Advanced!

CFR Advanced offers new functionality, such as: 

  • The ability to extend reporting up to one year  
  • Increase the storage capacity for log data generated by the firewall 

Planned features to be added include:

  • Report scheduling 
  • Multi-firewall reports, 
  • Additional built-in report modules

Note: CFR Advanced licensing is on a per-firewall basis, so a license cannot be shared between firewalls.

Sophos Central Firewall Reporting Storage Estimation Tool

Check out our Sophos Central Firewall Reporting Storage Estimation Tool that helps you calculate the amount of storage capacity you need to meet your XG Firewall reporting goals

Need more storage? Add capacity in the cloud with CFR Advanced. Extend the data retention period up to 365 days.

We’ve also updated the Central Firewall Reporting web page, which provides access to the latest overview video and data sheet.

After you’ve reviewed these, if you still have questions check out the Central Firewall Reporting FAQ!

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